At ene we believe that all is energy, a vibration, and we all influence and respond to vibration at all times and places. Therefore, our mission is twofold, supporting you and supporting the environment we all share.

Enestående (Danish): unique, exceptional

With “ene” we are dedicated to support you in shifting your energy from limiting to expanding so that you can truly live your values and visions, because your uniqueness will make this world a better place.

We, you and everything around us is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, and we all influence and respond to energy at all times and places. Our space, the place we live and work at, accumulates the energy from the land and from us, the people living there, the people entering, the people dying, the events taking place, the emotions being present. It holds that very charge in its walls and ceilings, its floors, furniture or any item, the same we hold an argument, stress, trauma and hate, but also love, joy and fulfilment within our energetic body. Therefore, we can’t separate ourselves from our space, but need to create balance and healing in both, to fully live a healthy and independent life filled with potential.

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Radhika Malhotra

I am holding my family ties in London, Mumbai, and Berlin, and focussed the last fifteen years as an entrepreneur on private projects as well as commercial and business consultancy in Europe, Africa, and Asia. And while I achieved sustainable success, I also found myself repeatedly in a position of being energetically challenged by people and places. It got progressively harder for me to hear my inner voice and follow my intuition. I lived very much in my head only, suppressing emotions, not listening to my body, and turning my back on my roots and spirituality. I lived for what I was executing and was consumed and controlled by its representations. And even though there were a lot of different places and spaces and financial freedom, I felt restless, limited, and paralysed at the same time. I wanted what we all want – A meaningful work, enriching experiences, financial stability, personal fulfilment, and making a positive impact on the world. And with that, I began my own journey of energy healing and embracing an intentional living, but also returning to my roots and undergoing additional training in trance healing and Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, in breath work, psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing.

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Ohn Bahardu

I was born to a family of healers in Myanmar with Nepalese ancestors and learned early about different beliefs and a variety of spiritual practices. And while I was going through normal schooling and doing what kids and young adults do, I never imagined that leading a spiritual and balanced life could ever be different from what I was living at that time. But after leaving my family and home to work in China and Thailand, my inner work and practices came completely to a standstill, and while I was trying to build a more financially stable life, I found myself in a constant state of survival. I felt as if my new environments were forcing themselves on me, responsibilities holding me tight with no place to give me support, let alone uplift me. I settled in Europe, and it was then, that I became fully aware of the powerful connection between our built environment and our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. With this awareness and the practices, I grew up with, with redefining my values and visions, with learning to set my intentions for my private and business life, I finally found the authentic and modern spiritual life of the ambitious nomad, allowing me to live it anywhere in the world.



And with this, we have been able to build “ene” as an authentic, spiritual and creative brand having the modern urbanist and nomad in mind. Living today in Berlin, Germany, and with customers all around the world, our aim is to inspire and lead a movement, in which taking back our power and co-creating sustainable and supporting environments for all of us becomes the norm.

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ene, About
ene, About

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