We support creatives from all walks of life who struggle with feelings of stagnation, distraction, and overwhelm from everyday challenges. By blending energy work with simple self-care tools and practices, we help you not only ease these challenges but also feel empowered with greater confidence and trust in your abilities, paving the way for your self-determined creative journey.

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Embrace every facet of who you are. It’s your moment to shine brilliantly and unapologetically in a world that needs your unique essence. Drape yourself in our “Share Your Truth, Boldly” unisex hoodie – A symbol of your inner spirit and strength.

, Shine your truth, boldly

Crafted with love from organic cotton and recycled polyester, its sleek exterior is complemented by a cosy brushed interior, ensuring both style and comfort. Whether you’re pairing it with relaxed joggers or accentuating it with a chic skirt and oversized blazer, this hoodie transitions effortlessly, making every outfit a reflection of your individuality.

, Shine your truth, boldly

Every purchase is meaningful for a better tomorrow. In our commitment to reduce waste and champion sustainability, each hoodie is made especially for you upon order. While this means a slightly longer delivery time, it’s more than just a garment – it’s a conscious choice, a declaration for a better world.

, Shine your truth, boldly

For our cherished US customers, a note: We recommend sizing up for the ideal fit.


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, Shine your truth, boldly


Introducing the ‘Shine Your Truth, Boldly’ collection, crafted to overcome the challenges of low self-worth, cultivating unshakable confidence, and nurture deep self-love.

, Shine your truth, boldly


Dive deep with our upcoming collection ‘Rise to Your Calling’ and elevate to your most conscious, purposeful self through immersive exercises and empowering tools. Subscribe for early access!

, Shine your truth, boldly


Elevate your home and workplace and unlock holistic well-being with our energy healing sessions, tailored to invigorate your living spaces, empower creativity, and foster a thriving environment where both relationships and businesses flourish.

Ene comes from the Danish word Enestående, meaning unique, exceptional, and WeAreEne is us celebrating exactly that in all of us.

, Shine your truth, boldly

Radhika + Ohn

WeAreEne was founded by Radhika Malhotra and Ohn Bahardu, two individuals with a shared passion for energy healing, self-care, creativity and intentional living. Born in London to a German mother and an Indian Father, Radhika’s entrepreneurial journey took her across three continents, and a multitude of clients and projects, seeing the strong need for conscious and intuitive entrepreneurship, allowing for a life and work balance. Ohn, born into a family of healers in Myanmar, discovered the importance of the built environment and rituals on overall health and the need for a supportive space and contemporary easy tools in a demanding everyday life.

Combining their diverse backgrounds and practices, Radhika and Ohn created WeAreEne to empower individuals and businesses, allow for intentional spaces and self-determined creative journeys.

, Shine your truth, boldly
, Shine your truth, boldly


Delve into ‘InnerSquare: Ventures, Vibes & Visionary Habitats’ With Radhika as your guide, journey together through her personal stories of people and places. As she weaves in her intuitive insights and modern self-care practices, uncover not just her experiences, but also tools and perspectives that empower you to elevate and balance your inner vibes with the spaces you inhabit. Our podcast launches on 15 January 2024.

, Shine your truth, boldly


Dive deep with Radhika and Ohn in ‘InnerSquare Diaries: Ventures, Vibes & Visionary Habitats’, and immerse yourself in the behind-the-scenes tapestry of their life and entrepreneurial spirit. Drawing from their shared experiences and lessons, each vlog serves up a dose of inspiration, inviting you to reshape your world, one space at a time. Our vlog launches on 17 January 2024.

, Shine your truth, boldly


Explore WeAreEne’s Pinterest: a vivid visualization of our offerings, curated mood boards, and intimate glimpses into Radhika and Ohn’s daily lives, ensuring every visit leaves you inspired, informed, and connected to our ever-evolving journey.

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