Course, Shifting Energy Course

More than ever we need to overcome limitation and restriction, become sovereign in our own energy, and flow through life with authenticity and purpose.

Follow your returning impulse to create change in your life and step away from the everyday struggle with…

Connect Expand Manifest

Digital Course

A three-part transformational course in which you will be guided to reconnect with your true self with clarity and confidence, expand your energy with your newly defined vision and values, and set your intentions to manifest what you really desire.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • At times, you are lacking creativity and inspiration, in fact, anxiety, stress and depression seem to become more and more present in your life.
  • Sometimes you feel you’re just sleepwalking through life and could no longer find any meaning in the work you do or even the life you have.
  • You’re talented but under-fulfilled. People often praise your work, but it still feels like you’re not living up to your potential.
  • You are overwhelmed and struggling to find balance between career and family.
  • Often you feel as if you are chasing other people visions and values, not knowing how to create your own.
  • You’re feeling lonely at times, and don’t feel you are supported through or prepared for life’s up and downs.
  • You know you are seeking purpose in life, but you feel overwhelmed by the subject itself, people’s opinions and the media.

Course, Shifting Energy Course

I’ve been exactly where you are

Hi, I’m Radhika. I’ve been an entrepreneur for two decades now. I worked on private projects, commercial and business consultancy, and mentorship in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Just like you, I used to struggle to keep my energy stable, to overcome the anxiety, the pressures, and the fear of not doing or being enough. At one point, despite all the things I’ve achieved, I’ve been feeling lost, like I was losing control over my life. I was living my life on autopilot.

What truly helped me and sustainably shaped my everyday life, are all the short and simple tools I learned and created over the last two decades.

The breathing practices that got me through any talk or event… The visualizations that cleared the space… The intentional questions that showed me the way… The creative tools that allow me to envision the life I truly desired.

All these are the things that I credit my success to…

…and I am honoured and excited to share them with you!

In this three-part digital course, you’ll practice guided breathwork and visualization meditations, dive into mood boards, feel into playlists, listen to channelled messages, and go deep on journal prompts – All designed to help you reconnect to your higher self, regain the trust in yourself and take the path that reflects who you are.

Whatever gender or age or from which part of the world you are coming, whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, an employee, or unemployed, yes, we all have our own unique struggles and challenges. 

But what unites us, is this returning impulse to change something. What unites us is the call for inclusive self-care and growth. What unites us is the need for simple and short practices and tools which show their affects immediately and which we can use at any time and in all walks of life.

What is included in your digital course

This is a three-part course, where each part has an individual focus, but all are building on each other.

CONNECT is all about rebuilding confidence and finding clarity while connecting to your true self. Becoming aware of who you are and the energy you hold. EXPAND will guide you in redefining your visions and values, connecting you to your higher self and taking the space you need to be you. And from here you start to create, start to set clear intentions and to MANIFEST what you really desire.

3x workbooks with guided breathwork and visualization meditations, mood boards and music playlists, channelled messages, gratitude, and journal prompts.

3x audio books and videos holding all guided breathwork and visualization meditations.

Course, Shifting Energy Course

What you can expect from Connect Expand Manifest

Each of the three parts is designed to …

  • allow you immediate and profound experiences and insights through simple, short, but deep everyday practices and tools.
  • support you in weakening or overcoming the impact of everyday struggles, and to empower you in any life circumstance and situation.
  • help you raise and maintain a healthy and more magnetic energy level.
  • help you regain trust in your own senses and abilities, allowing you to walk through life with a newly found clarity and confidence.
  • help you create sustainable habits that will set you up for success.
  • and ultimately, to reconnect you to your higher self, finding confidence in the knowing that you are supported and in control of your life

The change is right in front of you – Book now!

With purchasing the course, CONNECT is available for you right away, while EXPAND and MANIFEST will automatically go live in your account on the 24th of September and 5th of November 2022.

We offer flexible payment plans to fit your unique financial circumstances; pay €222* in one lump sum or spread 4 affordable payments of €60* over 4 months.

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Course, Shifting Energy Course
Course, Shifting Energy Course

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