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Empower your creative life: Energy Healing for inspiration, growth, and connection

One energy healing session for you, your living space and the people you live with. With shifting more than 50 energy types, exclusive bonuses and a three-month aftercare, this is not just another self-care or personal development offer, but a unique approach to holistic wellbeing.

Whether you are a creative seeking inspiration and growth, an entrepreneur striving for success and deeper connections, or simply looking for ways to care for yourself and your loved ones, we are here to support you in leaving behind what is holding you back. 

Our session goes beyond traditional energy healing and space cleansing, we believe in cultivating well-being and personal growth. We believe in empowering individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace their uniqueness, and make a positive impact on the world. We believe in the importance of building connections and supporting each other on our journeys.

Meet Radhika, WeAreEne’s co-founder holding your session

Take advantage of what sets us apart

At WeAreEne we believe all is energy, a vibration that influences and responds to us and our surroundings at all times and places. Just as our energetic bodies hold onto stress, trauma, love, or joy, our living spaces hold onto the energy of the people who live there, the events that take place, and the emotions that are present.

With the understanding that energy has a frequency, a unique vibration, which carries information, science recognises this invisible field of frequency, the so-called quantum field, that connects all physical and material things. Similar to tuning into a radio frequency, working with energy allows us to attune to your frequencies and understand the information they hold. Healing and balancing energy is us changing the connected information, much like rewiring the programming of a radio station.

And now imagine stress and depression being reduced, confidence heightened, fear and anxiety replaced with a sense of empowerment and purpose. Our energy healing and balancing session is specifically tailored for you as a person and a creative to tap into newly found inspiration and vitality, unlocking your inner potential and enabling you to make a positive impact on the world.

But our session goes beyond personal healing to encompass the very space you live in. With healing and balancing your living space, you will create a harmonious environment that supports and uplifts you on a profound energetic level. Your home will become a sanctuary, a haven where you can recharge, rejuvenate, and thrive.

And that’s not all. Our session extends to your community as well. With healing and balancing the energy of up to ten people, all of you living together, you will experience a whole new level of connection and care. Healing and balancing together as a community will create a new bond, foster deep communication, mutual support, and personal growth.

Chakras, spirits and guides, conflict areas and place memory, karma and auras – Energy healing is the new self-care

With clients all over the world, our remote session is designed to raise your vibrational state and create a state of well-being where you feel empowered by your expanded energy flow and alignment. Stress, anxiety and insomnia are reduced, and you gain fresh clarity and new perspective. You feel motivated, experience improved vitality, increased fulfilment, and newfound abundance, all that can help you to tackle life’s challenges with greater ease.

Radhika picks up where many others leave off, going deep with exploring, healing and balancing more than 50 subtle energies, such as:

  • Balancing your chakras and balancing the chakras of the house to vibrate equally throughout your space.
  • Removing harmful and limiting energy blockages, patterns, and attachments affecting your space and you as a person. Here, among other things, we are looking at spirits, harmful energy forms, auras, ancestors, and family patterns.
  • Supporting you in resolving psychic cords, spells, place memory, karmic debt, and fractured souls caused by trauma.
  • Healing and harmonizing earth energies and stresses caused by by-products of our technological age. These include earth energy lines, underground streams, energy channels, spirals, and so on.
  • Connecting and guiding spirits and guardians for your overall well-being.
  • Redirecting disharmonious energy flow and sealing any energy leakage.
  • Aligning you and your space to a higher vibration, and uplifting the space with your very own intention.
  • Protecting and preserving the energy of your space.

Hear what our clients have to say

Guiding and supporting you every step of the way to a more intentional and conscious living

Working with different timezones, different number of people per session and due to the uniqueness of each space, Radhika offers you to book your session for a specific month, rather than a specific date. This allows her to remain flexible, and give you the full attention and time needed to achieve the best results. Nevertheless, Radhika guarantees the completion of your session for the month you have booked.

After booking your session, we will create your client account where all your documents and bonuses are stored. The two things we will need from you is answering us a questionnaire and uploading us the layout of your home. Both can be done via your account, and we will guide you through the process. Based on these, Radhika will complete her initial report and afterwards coordinate with you the best day to carry out your healing and balancing, finalising your report shortly afterwards.

The initial healing phase needs about two weeks to settle in, but Radhika will be returning to your space over a period of three months to work on layers that might have newly appeared or occurrences that might need any additional work for the healing to kick in fully.

Your complete energy healing package

  • We will shift more than 50 energy types from you, your loved ones and your living space in this one session you are booking.
  • We will include up to ten people in your session. You all should be living together, while the size of your space doesn’t matter to us.
  • Once your session is completed, we will upload you a personalized PDF file on the session and the work we carried out for you.
  • You will be in good hands with our three months free of charge aftercare for you to fully settled into the new energy.
  • In addition, we will provide you with an exclusive bonus code, giving you another three-month aftercare (you have then six months in total!) for any person who books their session based on your wonderful recommendation.
  • We will grant full access to everybody included in your session to our new digital course “Connect Inspire Create: Daily Practices for Cultivating Intuition, Inspiration and Creativity, in Life and Work”, which launches in autumn 2023.
  • And of course, we ensure lifelong access to your client’s area in which all our communication, as well as your files, and bonuses are kept safe.

Choose the payment plan that fits your needs

We offer flexible payment plans to fit your unique financial circumstances; pay USD 575* in one lump sum, or spread 5 affordable payments of USD 125* over 5 months.

* We are a German company and if you are living in a member state of the European Union, VAT will apply at your country’s rate. All other countries in the world are not charged VAT.

Our mindset is fed by the imbalances of our energy system. Therefore, healing and balancing your energy, is you also taking charge of your mindset again, embracing your overall potential, is you truly investing into your well-being – Book your session now!

Shifting Energy Session, Empowered Self: Cultivating Confidence, Balance & Inner Harmony

Choose at checkout between paying one lump sum, or spreading 5 affordable payments over 5 months.

Common questions

The session is for up to ten people living together. What if I am living alone?

We will be delighted to have the session with you only, no worries.

We are more than ten people and have a second home. How can we book the session?

Sure! We charge 115 USD for any additional person, as well as 235 USD for any additional location. Just drop us an email at hello@weareene.com letting us know the details, and we will send your very own booking link.

I don’t have a layout of our home. What shall I do?

No worries, this is quite common. We will send you some examples of layouts which you can hand draw for us on a piece of paper, and we are sure, yours will be great!

Do I actually have to do something during the session?

You don’t have to do anything during your session, we would just like you to be home, for us to have everybody’s energy at one place. This is why Radhika will coordinate with you personally which day will suit you the best.

Do you do ghosts?

Yes, spirits are included in the package.

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