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Empower your creative life: Energy Healing for inspiration, growth, and connection

We understand the unique challenges and dynamics that come with having a private life, family and friends and a personal space on one hand and managing a workforce and operating from a physical building on the other hand.

Therefore, we have designed our “Home + Workplace session” in which we are combining our energy healing home session for your personal life and space with a workplace session, for you to form new bonds, create a happier, more cohesive team, a harmonious and thriving environment for your business to flourish.

Overcoming challenges in business

Having a business, doesn’t matter what type or size, always comes with challenges on how to balance private life and work, as lines between the two can blur, effecting our wellbeing. Stress, exhaustion, financial and relationship strain, lack of personal time and self-care, the inability to “switch-off”, difficulty in delegating, imbalance during business growth, the list is long when it comes to challenges we may face.

However, when it comes to energy, there are two areas in business that can very much benefit from healing and balancing and these are the workforce and the building.

Enhancing employee well-being and creating a positive work environment

We all know that a happy and cohesive team is the backbone of a successful business. But we are all human and work-related stress, personality conflicts, jealousy, and other lower emotions can disrupt the harmony within your workforce, leading to decreased productivity and employee dissatisfaction. Our energy healing session is designed to identify and clear the energetic imprints of past hurts, illnesses, and personal attachments that may be affecting your employees, supporting them to relieve tension, improve focus, and bring new clarity to your business.

The same way our living space influences our personal well-being, the energy of your physical building plays a significant role in the overall success of you and your business. Imprints of failed ventures, emotional baggage of past occupants, relationship breakups, and other life challenges create a heavy, disharmonious and unwelcoming atmosphere that may affect your business’s reputation and bottom line. Clearing away any unwanted energies, creating a neutral and beneficial environment that supports the success of your business, is what we aim for.

Transforming your life and business in one session

  • We will shift more than 50 energy types from you, your loved ones, employees and your living and working space in this one session you are booking.
  • We will include your living space, your workplace, as well as up to fifteen people in this session. All people need to either live with you or working for you at your business building or remotely. 
  • Once your session is completed, we will upload you a personalized PDF file on the session and the work we carried out for you. 
  • You will be in good hands with our three months free of charge aftercare for you to fully settled into the new energy.
  • In addition, we will provide you with an exclusive bonus code, giving you another three-month aftercare (you have then six months in total!) for any person who books their session based on your wonderful recommendation.
  • Everybody included in this session will be granted full access to our new digital course “Connect Inspire Create: Daily Practices for Cultivating Intuition, Inspiration and Creativity, in Life and Work”, which launches in autumn 2023.
  • And of course, we ensure lifelong access to your client’s area in which all our communication, as well as your files, and bonuses are kept safe.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to empower your creative life with our Home + Workplace session. Book now!

We are offering flexible payment plans to fit your unique financial circumstances; pay USD 1,385* in one lump sum, or spread 5 affordable payments of USD 300* over 5 months. 

* We are a German company and if you are living in a member state of the European Union, VAT will apply at your country’s rate. All other countries in the world are not charged VAT.

Shifting Energy Session, Empower Your Creative Life: Home + Workplace Session

Choose at checkout between paying one lump sum, or spreading 5 affordable payments over 5 months.

Common questions

I am a solopreneur working from home. Shall I book the home or the business session?

You can absolutely book the home session. And if you would like to emphasise the working from home, just include it in the comment section of our questionnaire.

I have four coffee shops and would like to include more than 15 employees in my session. How can I book it?

We can totally work that out. We charge 115 USD for any additional person, as well as 235 USD for any additional location. Just drop us an email at hello@weareene.com letting us know the details, and we will send your very own booking link.

I don’t have a layout of my business building. What shall I do?

No worries, this is quite common. We will send you some examples of layouts which you can hand draw for us on a piece of paper, and we are sure, yours will be great!

Do we actually have to do something during the session?

Nope, you don’t have to do anything during your session, we would just like you to be home or office, for us to have everybody’s energy at one place. This is why Radhika will coordinate with you personally which day will suit you the best.

I have some more question before booking. How can I contact you?

We love hearing from you! Just drop us an email with all your questions at hello@weareene.com and rest assured, we will answer them all!