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, Finding peace, happiness and balance within yourself (and a busy world)

Love to have you here, joining me for another insightful journey. Today we are going to embark on a special exploration together, delving into the depth of finding inner balance in a chaotic world. And gather around as I have a channelled message that I want to share with each and every one of you and I know you won’t want to miss it.

And this message has been the inspiration for today’s wandering—finding inner balance. In the midst of busy schedules, endless distractions, mounting responsibilities, and looking at world events, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves. And therefore, it’s time we explore how to nurture our inner balance and reclaim a sense of harmony in our lives. We will talk about self-care, setting healthy boundaries, mind-body techniques, and the power of mindfulness. We’ll discover that finding inner balance is not about achieving perfection, but rather embracing our unique selves and embracing the journey.

When I wake up in the morning and it’s this beautiful quiet and warmth, but I immediately give myself over to the media, when I rush through my morning routines, but time feels slow and the weight of the world somehow heavy on me, when my mind is creating this endless to-do list, but I don’t feel like I am gaining any clarity – Then I know I am not in balance. When life feels like a whirlwind, constantly pulling me in different directions and I can’t seem to find stillness in a storm – Yes, then I know I am not in balance. Does it sound familiar to you? I believe it does to many.

Living in a very demanding, sometimes overwhelming, fast-paced society and world, inner balance seems often far out of reach. But it isn’t because it is about making a conscious choice and prioritising our own well-being.

I think the very first step on this journey on finding inner balance, and I know this is something we need to remind ourselves again and again, is us not being the same. You and I are not the same and therefore nothing is a one-size fit. Knowing and accepting this, makes is easier for us to let go of the expectations we hold towards ourselves, for other people and situations, and allows us to embark on this journey with a little less weight to carry.

To me, trying to find balance feels like a very delicate dance between energies that are quieter, introspective, and hold these nurturing aspects on one side and these active, outward, and assertive qualities on the other side. When we are out of balance over a longer period, everything suffers. We may experience physical symptoms like exhaustion, headaches, or tension. Our mind may be cluttered with racing thoughts, worries, and self-doubt and emotionally we may rock between the feelings of being overwhelmed, irritated and somehow empty. Being out of balance takes a toll on our relationships, on our ability to pursue our passions, on our ability to fully engage with life, on our overall wellbeing. But when we do honour both energies, when we find this sweet, sweet spot we feel overall empowered. This is when we are standing firmly with both feet in this world, our thoughts are clear, we trust in who we are and hold a vision for what shall come.

No matter how off balance we are internally, no matter how chaotic our external circumstances may be, balance is attainable to all of us, so let’s explore how to find or reclaim and nurture our inner balance.

Self-care is certainly one of the key foundations of nurturing inner balance. I often feel wellness and self-care being treated as buzzwords, immediately having these perfect images in our heads. Sometimes we feel energised and hyped by them, sometimes they give us the feeling selfishness, of not being worthy or entitled, not having the means or knowledge. But with simply replacing the words self-care and wellness with taking care of ourselves and feeling good, it removes limitations and makes it so much more accessible to all of us.

It is time for us to remember, that when the world demands our attention and energy, we need to detach ourselves from the ideas and opinions of others and treat self-care as a necessity, the necessity of taking intentional time for ourselves, engaging in something that nourishes our mind, body, and soul.

Some kind of movement that gives you energy, a creative outlet that brings you joy, morning rituals to embody your intention, night-time rituals to wind down, whatever it is, it is happening your way, at your pace, in your space, because self-care is you listening to your needs, is you taking control over your wellbeing, in whatever form.

Setting healthy boundaries is another crucial aspect of nurturing inner balance. Recognizing and honouring our boundaries, both with ourselves and with others, gives us a sense of freedom of choice and autonomy. Saying no when our plate is full and when a situation doesn’t feel right, communicating our needs, but also our desires, creating a space that solely is ours – Healthy boundaries allow us to prioritize our well-being, protect our energy from being depleted by external demands, and create a space for self-care, personal growth, and meaningful connections.

Of course, we need to name mind-body practices, such as meditation or breathwork, when it comes to powerful tools for nurturing your inner balance. And while we immediately think of them as tools to quiet our mind, release tension and restoring the feeling of harmony, they help us to create sacred spaces for our inner exploration and self-discovery. They help us opening up to a new level of confidence, trust and knowing.

We all have heard it a thousand times – Mindfulness. And we still don’t seem to get it right because we often make it far too complicated. Rather than getting lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future, we bring our attention to the present moment. You didn’t get the promotion you longed for? Don’t call yourself a disappointment, and dwell on the times where you were always praised, and your workplace felt less competitive. Don’t worry that you cannot perform what is required in the future and will face an existential crisis soon. Be present without judging yourself. Take all your thoughts and feelings in, but again, don’t judge yourself, be calm, meet yourself with compassion, acknowledge and accept what you feel and think. We have a choice stay tied to what was, pull ourselves down with what may come, or make a choice to simply be present. This is what mindfulness is – Reconnecting with yourself, acknowledging who you are, being present. Being where your feet are standing, breathing deeply, feeling calm and being anchored.

I remember times when I felt completely overwhelmed by the demands of my life. Where I lived in my head only, trying to desperately to stay in control by analysing, planning, following up, fully disconnecting from my body and my intuition. I remember not defining my boundaries as a young entrepreneur, in fact mistaking loyalty with giving part of myself up, finding myself vulnerable at times, even triggered or reliving traumas. Where I was spiralling down self-doubt and found myself in seemingly endless procrastination, because I couldn’t stop dwelling on what was and worry what will be. All these certainly took a toll on my mental and physical health and looking back, it took many experiences and events for me to make a conscious decision on prioritising my wellbeing and nurturing my inner balance, and once I did, everything started to shift.

We need to re-internalise that taking care of ourselves does not require us to earn it or have others validate it. We need to make the questions on happiness, peace and satisfaction every-day questions again, a matter of course.

But we shall ask them differently. We don’t ask: “How do I find happiness?”, we ask: “What will make me smile now?”. We don’t ask: “How do I find peace?”, but we ask: “How can I create a quiet moment for myself now?”. We don’t ask: “How can feel satisfied?”, but we ask: “What can I do in this moment that will make me feel good?”

You are beautifully unique the way you are and we can’t always compare ourselves to others and should not. Finding inner balance is not about achieving perfection, do not even aim for it, because you always evolve, same as the world around you. Finding inner balance is a continuous practice and some days will be easier than others, and that’s okay.

When I sit down to channel, I ask what is important for you and me to be reminded of today and sometimes the message is very long and sometimes rather brief. So here it is: Allow yourself to be with all that you are. Allow yourself to be, in a world that will present you with challenges and opportunities, with losses and gifts. Step away from who you want to be and step into who you are. You can only find happiness and satisfaction in being yourself here, now, and not in being a person in a world and at a time that has not happened yet. Allow yourself to carve out the space you need to truly be here, with all that you have and all that you are.

Thank you for joining me on my walk and the wandering thoughts on finding and nurturing inner balance in a chaotic world. Remember, this is a very, very individual journey, and you are stronger than you believe at times. Be patient, take small steps each day, listen to your intuition, be compassionate and gentle with yourself, embrace the imperfections and trust in the process.

Lots of love and take care of yourself! x Radhika

Let’s thrive together!

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