From limiting to expanding: Energy healing + balancing (remote session)

Raise your vibration and create an empowering state of well-being, allowing you to step away from what your life is today and step into an authentic purpose, abundance, and joy.


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Is this you?

Feeling dissatisfied and lacking creativity and confidence? It’s easy to feel unmotivated and unable to plan your future when life seems blurry and unclear. Overwhelming anxiety and depression can further exacerbate these feelings of limitation, both in terms of your actions and your vision for your life. This exhaustion is not temporary; it has left you off-balance and unable to maintain joy and fulfillment in your life.

You may feel unfulfilled, held back, or controlled by external circumstances in your work or housing situation, and accepting these circumstances as part of your experience only perpetuates the cycle. Doubts and disappointments arise when you are unable to attract the life you want, and negative emotions can arise even when you move to a new place.

You aim to selling your home or workplace, but when offers are slow to come in, you may start to believe that it’s not meant to be. This lack of progress can leave you feeling stuck, unable to move on to the next chapter in your life.

If you find yourself in a new place, you may face additional challenges, such as negative emotions, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping. Problems with external contractors or providers can exacerbate these feelings, leaving you on edge and close to giving up.

Our mindset is fed by our energy system. Therefore, to actually be able to change our mindset, we need to heal and balance our energy system first.

Being in good hands with me

How we can support you in creating lasting change

Our remote session is designed to raise your vibrational state and create a state of well-being where you feel empowered by your expanded energy flow and alignment, where you gain fresh clarity and perspective, experience improved vitality, increased fulfilment, and newfound abundance.

We go deep with evaluating more than 50 energy types, exploring the subtle energies of you and your home, and identifying, healing, and harmonization of energetic imbalances, such as:

  • Balancing your chakras and allowing the chakras of the house to vibrate equally throughout your space
  • Removing harmful and limiting energy blockages, patterns, and attachments affecting your space and you as a person. Here, among other things, we are looking at spirits, harmful energy forms, auras, ancestors, and family patterns.
  • Supporting you in resolving psychic cords, spells, place memory, karmic debt, and fractured souls caused by trauma 
  • Healing and harmonizing earth energies and stresses caused by by-products of our technological age. These include earth energy lines, underground streams, energy channels, spirals, and so on.
  • Connecting and guiding spirits and guardians for your overall well-being
  • Redirecting disharmonious energy flow and sealing any energy leakage
  • Aligning you and your space to a higher vibration, and uplifting the space with your very own intention
  • Protecting and preserving the energy of your space
  • Giving each person in your household a channeled message for guidance

What our clients say

Here is what you get

We pick up where many others leave off by:

  • Shifting more than 50 energy types from you and your environment in one session.
  • Including in one session up to ten people living with you, and while the size of your space doesn’t matter to us.
  • Providing you with a personalized PDF file on the session and energy work carried out for you and your space. This personalized file explains what these are, what are the findings, and will help you to develop a deeper feeling and knowing for your future.
  • You being in good hands with your three months free of charge aftercare, during which, if necessary, additional layers will be remotely rebalanced, chakras realigned, and so on, until you are fully settled in the new energy.

In addition, we will:

  • Provide you an exclusive bonus code, giving you another three-month aftercare (you have then six months in total!) for any person who books their session based on your wonderful recommendation.
  • Ensure lifelong access to your client’s area in which all our communication, as well as your files, and bonuses are kept safe.

One session for up to ten people of your household. Shifting more than 50 energy types from you and your home. Receiving personalised reports and exclusive bonuses. Being in good hands with a three-month aftercare.

Shifting Energy Session, Shifting Energy Session

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We also offer flexible payment plans to fit your unique financial circumstances; pay €490* in one lump sum, or spread 5 affordable payments of €110* over 5 months.

If you are living in a member state of the European Union, VAT will apply at your country’s rate. All other countries in the world are not charged VAT.

And now…

  • Book into the month you want your session to be held
  • Receive access to your personal account and provide us with the answers to our questionnaire as well as the layout of your home
  • Coordinate with Radhika the best day to carry out your healing and balancing
  • Lean back and know you are in good hands

Feel like spreading some love?

There is nothing more beautiful than to encourage and watch somebody heal and grow. Every month I keep a few sessions available to be gifted to somebody you truly care about, because, damn, we love seeing you spread your love!

Simply book the session from the above available months and then drop us a direct email to hello@weareene.com, saying your booking is a gift, and we will be in touch with you to prepare and send you a personalized electronic gift card to print or send on. The certificate will hold all the necessary details and how the lucky one can get in touch with us to make all the arrangements for their session. Exciting!

Be in good hands with another 12-month aftercare

We love seeing you putting your time, creativity, compassion, and drive towards what matters the most to you, without worrying that daily life might cause any new imbalances that will keep you from doing what you do best. Therefore, we offer all our existing clients to add on another 12-month aftercare, once your three-month aftercare was completed. We are already now delighted to continue to check in with you monthly and watch you evolve even further!

As always, we also offer flexible payment plans to make it work for all of us: pay €1,260* in one lump sum, or spread 12 affordable payments of €120* over 12 months.

If you are living in a member state of the European Union, VAT will apply at your country’s rate. All other countries in the world are not charged VAT.

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Shifting Energy Session, Shifting Energy Session
Shifting Energy Session, Shifting Energy Session

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