Reclaim the love for yourself and elevate your sense of worth, unhindered by life’s pressure, noise, and distractions – Welcome to ‘Shine Your Truth, Boldly’.



Feeling lost and searching for ways to find your true self in today’s busy and noisy world?

In a fast-paced era of fleeting moments, overwhelming distractions and societal pressures, it’s common to feel disconnected from your inner self. If you are struggling with decreased confidence, diminished sense of worth and self-doubt, you are not alone.

Our ‘Shine Your Truth, Boldly’ immersive collection offers a holistic approach to personal growth and self-confidence. Discover our apparel and our curated breathwork, meditations, creative and inspirational digital tools designed to guide you on a transformative journey, challenging your limitations, elevating your sense of worth, helping you embrace your individuality with courage and clarity.

sustainable apparel and tools to raise self-confidence, Shine your truth, boldly


Included in this collection are:

  • Reclaim your power and create safe spaces for your growth through our signature breathwork and meditation practice
  • Awaken your inner strength and vitality through the power of breathwork
  • Discover your unique strengths and lovability through guided journal prompts
  • Challenge your self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk through visualization meditation
  • Radiate lovability and embody confidence through a guided meditation
sustainable apparel and tools to raise self-confidence, Shine your truth, boldly


Included in this collection are:

  • Pinterest mood board as your source of inspiration and a constant reminder of your path towards confidence and self-love
  • Canva mood board template to curate your very own inspirations and aspirations, all aligning with who you are
  • Undated digital planner and notebook as your personal space for introspection, creativity, and planning
  • Spotify playlist curated as your journey’s musical backdrop, enhancing your emotional and mental well-being
sustainable apparel and tools to raise self-confidence, Shine your truth, boldly


Included in this collection are:

  • Comprehensive, multimedia guide in the form of a downloadable digital workbook, video and audio lessons to support your transformative journey
  • Exclusive 50% discount code under the eneGivn movement

Choose the path that suits you best: Get immediate access to our transformative digital tools with a single payment of *$150, or opt for flexibility with our easy 3-month installment plan of *$55 per month.

** We are a German company and if you are living in a member state of the European Union, VAT will apply at your country’s rate. All other countries in the world are not charged VAT.


Shine your truth boldly hoodie


Wearing our hoodie means not only aligning your wardrobe with your values, but also making a statement in favour of eco-friendly materials. It stands for on-demand manufacturing, reducing overproduction and waste — a mindful choice for you and the planet.



    This hoodie is more than just clothing; it’s a declaration of your individuality and a celebration of your unique journey. Designed to be a constant reminder, it encourages you to wear your truths proudly.

      Man wearing hoodie mindful smiling healing


      Its versatile, gender-neutral style ensures that anyone can wear it comfortably, regardless of gender identity or fashion style. This hoodie is a symbol of unity and acceptance, embracing all individuals in their authentic self-expression.


      Our sessions are part of our eneGivn movement, in which you share the gift of personal growth. When you embark on your journey with ‘Shine Your Truth, Boldly’, you get to handpick someone to rise alongside you, turning personal growth into collective growth. Share your exclusive 50% discount code on our curated digital tools with the very person you want to see evolving, taking your first step to building your own community today!

      sustainable apparel and tools to raise self-confidence, Shine your truth, boldly

      This is the first time I don’t feel any pressure to perform when doing a course. It’s so not about performance, but about finding something that you can rely on whenever you are in need. I totally love it.



      I’ve shared the digital toolkit with my best friend, and it’s incredible to share the experience with each other. When I thought about community, I always thought of an online community. But now that I made the experience, I get how important it is to start building a community with the people around me. So grateful to have found this collection!



      I went all in with the hoodie and the tools and don’t regret it a bit. This whole collection does not only help me work on myself, but it gives me so much freedom to try what works for me the best. And the entire creative aspect in it is so amazing. I recommended it already to lots of people and am excited to see what the next collection is about.



      Our collection uniquely combines inclusive apparel with a range of curated digital tools for self-discovery, complemented by our ENEGIVN movement, offering a holistic approach to personal empowerment and shared growth

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