We go beyond traditional energy healing and space cleansing, we create an overall high vibrational state of wellbeing, with clearing energy blocks and creating flow within you and your space, allowing you to embrace your empowered and unique version of life and living.

Chakras, spirits and guides, conflict areas and place memory, karma and auras – We don’t limit ourselves, we pick up where many others leave off. We all influence and respond to energy at all times and places and therefore, to truly live a healthy and independent life filled with potential, we create healing and balance for people and places at the same time.

Creating a better place together

Radhika + Ohn, Founders: Through our own challenges with the energy of people and places, through losing touch with our intuition and roots, but finally going on our own journey of energy healing and self-care, we have been able to build “ene” as an authentic, spiritual, and creative brand having the modern urbanist and nomad in mind. We love working with individuals, families and communities likewise and with customers all around the world, we are always aiming for you to co-create your environment and take your power back today – Are you ready?

Energy Healing, Home
Energy Healing, Home

Remote session: Energy healing + balancing

Raise your vibration and create an empowering state of well-being, allowing you to step away from what your life is today and step into an authentic purpose, abundance, and joy.

February, March + April ’23 availability

With limited availability, sessions are being booked up fast. Avoid disappointment, book your session now and start living the life you dream of today! 

We support you in shifting your energy from limiting to expanding so that you can truly live your values and visions, because your uniqueness will make this world a better a place. 

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Sustainable fashion for all confident and proud self-care enthusiasts

As spiritual creatives and advocates of energy healing and self-care, we love wrapping you in all the good vibes: Sustainable, organic, gender-neutral fashion. There are many ways to lead an extraordinary life, start today by carrying your growth and positive energy proudly into the world.

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Energy Healing, Home
Energy Healing, Home

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